Letsencrypt erpnext

I have 2 virtual box two ubuntu one for testing and 2nd for work
I have one public ip and domain
I want to encrypt but got error about firewall.
I checked 80 and 443 open in ngnix and default bit certbot error comes
I want to encrypt both can I do it without port like example1.com8888 example2.com9999
I want it should be example1.com and example2.com
2nd can some tell me how to letsencrypt erpnxt in free and easy way


Are you running in production mode?

bench setup production will setup your nginx to run your site properly. Point your domain to the ip and everything should be running fine.

If you are using multitenant DNS, Letsencrypt config is really easy, just one command …

Hope this helps.

Not working then what I should do?