Letter footer only in the last page in PDF


After creating a letterhead with header and footer, normal preview shows the footer right after invoice content instead of the bottom. Now PDF helps us to have the footer in the bottom as well as in every page.

Issue is, if an invoice has more items which exapands to multiple pages , the last item gets cropped by the footer. The easiest solution is to have the footer only in the last page instead of every pages or the normal preview and print showing the footer in the bottom. I also found that when I print the invoice directly without generating PDF, only the first gets printed.

I would really love have the solution. Is there any coding can I use for the print format or for wkhtmltopdf?

Thanks in advance.

We do have same issue but these are the limitation of html and wkhtml2pdf. I hope someone can look into it and advice how we can achieve dynamic ways of print formats with respect to the footer.

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