Letter head dose not appear in pos Receipt

letter head and logo does not appear in pos print although logo and letter head appear in rest of screens

any help

Check if the “Letterhead” checkbox is checked? It works fine in my v13 test account…

I have v 12
And i dont have this chek box when i printing

The checkbox should be visible in the print page. However, I checked in v12, and it does not fetch the letter head. We are working on fixing this.

Are you able to see the Letter Head checkbox when you select the other print formats?

No i am trying everything .

POS receipt, if you are using thermal printer, will not have letterhead. You need to add it as picture directly into your printer using its own utility. POS print is JS format while the Sales Invoice print is Jinja format.

cloud you explain what is the difference beteen JS and JINJA . please

This would assist you.