Letter Head footer changes web URL to link


I have used website address in my Letter Head footer. But unfortunately, ERPNext converts plain text as follows:
www.mysite.com is converted to → www.mysite.com (http://www.mysite.com)

Now this additional text which is in the bracket is not required.

Can someone suggest how to change this and keep the URL to text only?

PS: I have tried updating HTML Code but it automatically changes after saving.

Tested it, it is not happening for me. Can you share some screenshot of what you are doing and what you are getting?

Here are the screen shots…

As you can see, in the Letter Head section, I tried changing the text with HTML, yet the text becomes a hyperlink after saving (underlined text).

And this effect takes place during production of the PDF in salary slip…


Hi @KanchanChauhan

The screen-shots are posted above. Can you please advice a way out?


Strange. Can you check the HTML,what does it look like? Just click on Edit as Markdown and take screenshot.

Just figured it out. It seems the HTML editor is not working properly on the ERP page.

When I click on <> to edit the HTML and save, it transforms the text as link.

But when I used “Edit as Markdown” option and saved, it left the the text as text only.

Probably you can test on your system by editing a link through HTML <> editing option in place of Markdown button and see results.

This is what it looks like on my HTML editor. Can you share what it looks like for you?

After editing is from Markdown, it has added markdown tag to the code which is forcing the HTML not to convert text to links.

Here is the screen-shot:

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Hi @saurabh, I’m facing the same problem, however I don’t understand what do you mean by “Markdown”. How do I fix this please?

Hi @bedo

Markdown is a simple text formatting language.

You need test by moving the code out of Markdown tags! In my view this issue was addressed in a later version of ERPNext

I’m afraid is it not resolved yet. I’m running
ERPNext: v8.0.40 (master)
Frappe Framework: v8.0.60 (master)

and still having the problem with web url being converted like discussed above.

Do you know how to solve this? I used html code to create my footer but I’d need the url fix please.

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Would you mind creating a github issue for the same with screenshots.


Workaround it by wrapping your url with an empty anchor tag: