Letter head - Footer in custom print format

How can I add the standard Letter Head Footer in a custom Print Formats?
It is working fine in non Custom Formats, but it disappears in Custom Formats


I can replicate this issue in a full page preview of a print format. But Letter Head and Footer is appearing correctly in a PDF.

We will further check into it tomorrow and get back to you.

@vjFaLk can you please check?

Hello Umair!
Here are 2 screenshots of the PDF created on the same docType.
Custom Print format:

Standard print format:

Any progress on that @umair?

Same issue here. Any progress on this? @umair Thanks


Sorry for the delay in response.

I recently learnt that due to certain limitations, Footer is meant to appear in the PDF view only, and not in the HTML based preview of the Print Format.

Please follow up on this feature via following Github Issue.