Letter head in print format

Is there any simple way to show letter head while printing a report

for example

i want to show default letter head in above file while clicking print.

now i am following below method

You can just paste letter head header and footer in letter head list (ERPNext > Setup > Printing > Letter Head)

@hereabdulla sorry i did’t get that please can you elobrate it.

If you have letter head in jpg format you can just insert that image in header and footer section of Letter Head Doctype

You can setup a letterhead by going to Setup>Printing>Letter Head, as @hereabdulla pointed out.
Alternatively, you can use the Awesome Search Bar and type in Letter head.

And before you go to the print preview / pdf download screen, you’ll see a checkbox for letterhead.

Check that one and then the letterhead you uploaded should appear on your document.

@littlehera @hereabdulla I think you don’t understood my problem

i will explain my usecase

i want to show letter head on the print of report

for example if we go to schools->attendance->student monthly attendance sheet

you can see a page like above if you click menu button on top right corner you can print the report if you print that you can see print format of report but with out letter head so to show letter head i had to write some code in jinja but i am faced some difficulty to show table structure as in original print format. what i am looking for is there any easy solution than mine. hope now my question is clear

thanks for your time