Letter head not showing in PDF. Is wkhtmltopdf 0.12.16 too old?

Since moving to a new box, letter heads don’t show up in pdfs anymore. Is wkhtmldopdf 0.12.6 too old?

Hi ,

It may help to say the operating environment and version of frappe that is in use. For example , on Ubuntu 22.04 , frappe 14.28.2 the wkhtmltopdf -V command reports wkhtmltopdf (with patched qt)

Hi smino,
point taken! I should have mentioned that the box is running Debian Bullseye (I still cling to debian for sentimental reasons…)

I manually upgraded to with qt and all is fine.


For others struggeling with this issue, heres the link for the debian package, install with dpkg -i: