Letter head on print format in version 13

Letterhead not showing on pdf_download or emailing a document upon selection of a print format and letterhead to be used on a specific doctype (quotation / sales invoice) on erpnext version 13.

Used to select a letterhead check box in version 12. Your help will be much appreciated.


Is the letterhead Enabled in Letterhead List?

In the preview, … menu upper right, Print Settings - does everything seem checked as it should be?

Share your letterhead set-up and print settings.

Hie, these are the snapshots of my print settings and the letterhead

Hi guys, is there any update on this ? Letterhead is missing in v13

If you are using custom print format, you will have to manually add the letter head.

Okay thanks @rtdany10. Actually I’ve found out that is because I didn’t set host_name so look like it cannot get the template properly. Resolved!

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