Letter Head template question

Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a letter head for Quotation and Receipt, but couldn’t be possible to three block text/image at header and footer.
Basically, i need company logo at left while another block text at middle and right. They are aligned in centered.

The format tool (WYSIWYG) doesn’t have table button to do it.

Could you please show me the HTML code for it?

Thank you.

Please check the link, if you are having some issue after try this and aligning it using the rich text editor provided then you can post a screen shot maybe so that someone can help.

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thanks @Pawan
i can get the letter header display properly using a custom image/logo

how about the footer?

i read the manual, seem no way to add footer except using term and condition.

You can add a footer in the letter head itself, if you scroll down there is a section for “footer”

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thanks @Pawan

Right. I see the footer section, however the form didn’t generate footer info although i have added the content. Only header can appear properly.

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