Letter Header and footer

First of all, thank you for an amazing product.

I am working in Erpnext 14 version
my problem is in letter header I am using Html code to create the header and footer of Invoice
but I can not fetch the data of company from table to show it in header forexmple the Name of company
,the address and Vat Number I write this information manual every time fore every company

I want to fetch those information from table because I already insert this information in company screen
I will attach image for my html code
please help me

Hi mate I like to use the following Jinja macro in all my print format to get values from any document.

{% macro get(doctype, docname, docfield) %}{% set _ = frappe.get_doc(doctype, docname) %}{{ _[docfield] }}{% endmacro %}

Example on how to use it

{{get('Company', doc.company, 'phone_no')}}

or if you would like to hard-code the company name

{{get('Company', 'FTH Alaamel', 'phone_no')}}

thanks ,I will try your suggestion