Letterhead change, company info

Hi all,

I just started using ERPnext and I ran into the following problems: I cannot change the letterhead and did not find a way to include my company’s info to the invoice/order template. I also can’t seem to find a way to tag taxes according to customers and to make the respective tax default for a customer. Any suggestions?

GO to Setup >> Letter Head
Create Letter Head . If you want Letter Head Default for all Doc Type check Is Default see below screenshot -

Or you can select different for each document. There is field Letter Head In Print Setting on Form

or You can add in Letter Head Default for particular Doctype using customize form

For Taxes:-
You can create “Tax Rule” for customer and Apply it on selling flow.
For that you need to create Sales Tax template which is mandatory on "Tax Rule"form
When you select ‘Customer’ tax rule will get apply.

Thanks, I figured it out.