Letterhead in pdf

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A letterhead is not show in a pdf view erpnext. When I click on pdf button then pdf is open in a new tab without letterhead and also letterhead is not visible in email attachments as a pdf in every doctype like sales order, Quotation and so on.

You will have few clues here Search results for 'pdf image issue' - ERPNext Forum

I remember that sometimes we need to enter “hostname: XXX” in site_config.json.

I tried with “host_name”: “http://mysitename” but it’s not working for me.


May we know the version of ERPNext and the hosting environment? Was the header appearing at one time and then not?

In a print setting, I unchecked the repeat header and footer in pdf and it’s working properly but there is an issue in sending emails with attachments does not show images and letterhead.

I am having the same issue I tried to update wkhtmltopdf new version but had no luck. The Issue seems to be on Ubuntu 22.04.1. In pdf.py file frappe when it actually creates a header and footer it makes a temp file. Somehow now tmp file isn’t created and that’s why it is showing blank I ll dig deep into this issue today

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Hi, Were you able to sort this?
Kindly assist