Letterhead not showing properly

Under Letter Head List, I’ve created a new letter head under Content and Footer. However, the footer section is not showing in Print function (say in Sales Invoice or Credit Note or other documents, until you choose PDF)

I believe this is a bug, please help to fix this. Many thanks!

This is not a bug, the footer function only works on PDF generation. If you will notice, the regular print preview only shows as one long page, regardless of how many pages there are.

I am using the ERPNext system to email the document to myself. However, in the PDF that I received in the email both Header and Footer are gone.

Is this a bug?

If this is not a bug, that means I cannot print the document straight out to an actual hard copy. I will need to generate a PDF first, save to my local drive and print?

You can generate to a PDF and print from your browser. I’m not sure about the email thing though.

I have the same issue i need to print form print bottom directly without need to generate pdf file any solution for that

I need same your request “print directly from print link”