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I am trying to introduce a Purchase Invoice in ERPNExt, and when I try to save it, the system tells me that the Credit To has to be a Liability Account. And when I try to look for my default Provider (Payable Account) the system can’t see it as it is not under Liabilities.

I am using Spanish Chart of Accounts, where Customer and Providers are under same branch of the Chart, so I have got Account Payable and Receivable at the same level and under same root account. When I set the chart up, I had to choose, and I chose to create it as type Asset, following the advice of someone on the forum.

I would like to be able to keep using Spanish Chart of Accounts, and I was wondering if this can be overcome in any way?!

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I am allowing myself to bring this to your attention again. At the moment I can’t introduce any invoice into the system.

In Spain Creditors and Debtors are under same account root. When I set up my tree of accounts, I chose to give this root account the type of Asset.

Since a few weeks ago, when you try to introduce an invoice, the system checks before saving it, that the Credit To account belongs to a Liability root account. So in my case I can not save it, unless I put this in a ccount it does not belong to.

I would be very grateful if someone could shed some light on this. I have the impression that if I change this root account to Liabilities, sooner or later it is going to come out something similar to this issue but whith the Debit To Account.

Is there any solution to this issue with the Debtors and Creditors accounts joined under same account branch as happens in Spain?

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The credit for a purchase invoice should be a liability account, not an asset. Sounds like you should move your suppliers to a liability account, and not an asset account like customers.

Here is the accounting entry for a supplier invoice:
dr. Expense (or inventory for example)
dr. VAT taxes
cr. Accounts payable (supplier control account in GL, which is a liability)

Hi Fblauer,

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Fot the little I know about accounts, I find international system (what you are explaining with suppliers as liabilities and customers as assets) much more logic that the system we have got in this country and on a few others.

The problem is that in Spain, customers and suppliers are under same father account, and that I know, I can only set root-type of account in ERPNext as asset or liability, for the first nodes under the root in the tree of accounts.

This is what is blocking me. I don’t know how I can do as you suggest and make supplier account as liability, customer as asset, and at the same time, retain something similar to the plan of accounts of this country, and have both accounts unser same node of the tree?!

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@pagliaso can you post the exact message? maybe we can remove that validation.

Hi Rmehta,

The exact message is:

Credit To account must be a liability account

That would be very helpful if you could remove the validation!

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Hi, please, any news on this?

The validation is still there.

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Removed the validation, the fix will be released tomorrow.

Hi Nabinhait,

Many thanks for your reply.

Looking forward to the new patch.

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