Limit IP can be access Website

I installed ERPNext by docker. Then I try to limit IP access my erpnext website. My idea is using ufw to allow some IP but it’s not works. I also check iptables and edit /etc/hosts.allow but they’re not working.
Do you have any idea to solve it. Please help me

Setup the server / site under VPN.

Setup Letsencrypt using DNS challenge for server under VPN Traefik Docker DNS Challenge Documentation - Traefik

Read more about it in Traefik documentation and try search engines.

I’ve not set it up anywhere and I can’t help you. If I set it up ever I’ll post on forum.

In case of Kubernetes setup private loadbalancer for ingress controller, for ISP specific annotations refer ISP docs.

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ERPNext 14 - Securing Frappe. UFW, Firewall, SSH Ports, Geo-blocking, VPN & Password security - detailed video here

Installation using docker

adapt instructions for containers