Limit of LDAP Settings: Field "ldap_search_string" limited to 140 characters


I am just evaluating ERPNext and testing the LDAP integration. Unfortunately the “ldap_search_string” field is limited to 140 characters (see screenshot below), which is to short for my requirements. Has anyone ideas how to extend the length? I could not work out if / how to use a customize form on this. Anyone knows of this limitation and how to bypass it?

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Screenshot 2023-01-29 195237

This seems like incorrect validation, AFAIK there’s no limit on single document types because all of them are stored as TEXT(65k limit)

created issue here: incorrect field length validation on single doctypes · Issue #19833 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

fixed: fix: dont apply varchar length validation on singles by ankush · Pull Request #19872 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

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Thank for the quick reply and opening a ticket on this. I will have a look at the code as well.

Hi @ankush. Thank you very much for the quick fix! Just saw it on Github. Great response time!!!