Limit on number of serial no in Purchase Receipt?

Hi there,

When I try to submit a Purchase Receipt, I am getting the following error:

Serial No AB6328597: ‘Item Name’ will get truncated, as max characters allowed is 140

I know my Item Name is only about 24 characters. However, since I have purchased 100 of these and the item has serial numbers, I added all 100 serial numbers line by line under the Serial No section.

I try to look for the Serial No field max length but couldn’t find it in the Customise Form → Purchase Receipt Item form

Is this a bug or there is some limitation on number of serial numbers I can receive?


FYI, I am running
Installed Apps

ERPNext: v6.27.15

Frappe Framework: v6.27.16

Seems to happen after upgrading from 6.27.5 to v6.27.15

The truncation will happen (if it does in Item Name, not Serial Nos) maybe you have another row with more charcters

Hi Rmehta

I’m not concern about truncation. The main issue is this error above is preventing me to SUBMIT the Purchase Receipt. It is blocking it with that error. Item Name is very short, only about 24 characters.


Found the solution
Go to Customize Form: Serial No
Change Item Name Max Length from 0 to 256