Limitations for Cloud Hosted Accounts

I am seeing a lot of help, tips and answers relevant to what I want to do but I do not see how I can implement it on my account in your cloud hosting. It seems like a lot of them need one to have access to the files themselves.

Pardon me if this has been posted but I can’t find it.

But I wish to have clarification on the Cloud Hosting options under

  1. What are the limitations in terms of tweaks, modifications, customisation to files for us - your paying customers?
  2. Do I have to activate the ‘Development’ module in my account for advance customising? Doesn’t seem to do anything… (but we can’t view the backend for our cloud accounts anyway right)
  3. Is there a dedicated email / helpdesk for paying customers?

PS: Would be great if there is a comparison table between self-hosted and cloud hosted in your Price Plan page. Will convince people to make decisions. Would like to know what is the value added other than latest updates, backups and priority response.


i been consulting on self hosted environments for around 3 years now. The advantage, perhaps the only advantage is
Complete freedom on whatever you want to do.
but an erp is just not about functionality, sometimes functionality can be compromised for reliability which is where the disadvantage starts
You have to maintain everything. upgrades, patches, bug fixes. Of course bench update works superb, but there is a good chance it can break.

So has been my experience


ERPNext Cloud is all about stability, security and reliability. You can have a look at the general advantages here : Benefits of Cloud Hosting

You cannot make code-level changes in the cloud hosting, which includes to Developer module.

Yes, we give priority support via email for paid customers.

@vjFaLk Can this be done? → Bootstrap Admin Themes

or this Header / Footer Development - #28 by ruchin78

Sorry not 100% related to answering your question.

interested in this “development Module”. Can you tell where you find that?
I can’t see anything like that on my cloud hosted account. Looked for in in the App Installer

@vrms Click on your account name in the topbar in the dashboard, go to My Settings > Set Desktop Icons > Check the Development module - and let me know how it goes