Limitations of this framework

I wondered a little question:
What is your policy Opensource today?
It turns out that there are limitations on the framework of which nobody wants to talk.

  1. A “Add total Row” option does not work when creating a report
  2. Unable to add a total online views in lists
  3. Inability to customize list views
  4. Inability to display the real description of the tax Article and not the code of tax article
  5. And a community that idolizes information retention
  6. POS view switch who suddently disappears on Quotations and Sales Orders

Can you explain us why?

Hi !

The framework is licensed under MIT. Checkout the source-code here- GitHub - frappe/frappe: Low code web framework for real world applications, in Python and Javascript

We do know there are issues and we have plenty. Feel free to raise issues on GitHub. We would also be happy if you could fix it and send across Pull requests !

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