Limiting print format list per user

Hi there,

it’s possible to limit print format list in documents depending on users?

Let’s say i have 3 print format:

and need to limit SO print format list to Standard only; I’ve tried using User Permission, but seems its not applying for Print Format, any hint?

Hi! @JoEz there is no permission to hide other print format to other user.

Why not have others blank for some users/roles?

@creamdory what you mean?

@JoEz ike a custom condition embeded in the Print Format. Currently permissions doesn’t handle this Prints, only report, page and doctypes.

I see, but I’m not sure it could work …do frappe provide method to get current user in jinjia templates?


Following up on this if anyone was able to figure out a way to limit the print format list per user. ?