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Hi, I am very impressed with ERPNext and its thoroughness. I want to implement it at my company, but we don’t need all the functions it offers, like the accounting functions, as we have a system setup for that already. Is there a way i can use the Selling, Manufacturing and Logistics without the accounts.


Yes, you can disable the module from your Administrator account.

Setup >> Settings >> Show/hide modules


Thank you!

Here is some more questions if you don’t mind.

Is it possible to generate production orders from sales orders. I want to enable my production manager to view the sales orders, then convert the highest priority ones into production orders. The sales staff must then be able to view the status of orders(ie, as production enters completed production if it is possible). This required partial completion of orders as a function. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Yes, you can generate production order with reference to particular sales order.

Manufacturing >> Production order >>

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Yes, I have seen that, but it still requires,

Mandatory fields required in Production Order
Item To Manufacture
Qty To Manufacture

This is all information that is available in the sales order, is it possible for this information to auto-fill?

Also, would it be possible to go straight into a production order for the completed sales order(like the material transfer).
We are a pull based organization, our sales drive the production.