Link Batch number and Barcode

Can I link the batch number and the barcode?

For example:
If item has two batch numbers with two different expire dates. Each batch number is assigned to a barcode. The cashier enters the barcode of the item, so it automatically deducts the quantity of the desired batch number without choosing the batch number manually.

Is it possible?

The barcode reader simply converts a label from barcode format to a readable (integer/number) format.

If your batches are barcoded, the regular scanning process should work (seen in POS) along with some other transactions like stock entry where there is a Scan Barcode option.

@kennethsequeira Thank you for your reply
the question here is how these batches can be barcoded?
In the Item barcode doctype there’s no batch number and in the batch doctype there’s no barcode field.

So is there’s a standard way to link both of them or it has to be done with code?

If you’re talking about printing the barcodes:

If you’re thinking about a setup, you don’t need to. The system manages itself.

Eg: here is a batch record

When you’re using a barcode, you’ll just point the scanner to this field:


Batch recorded:

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So do you mean if my barcode no. And batch id are same it will automatically collect the batch in sales invoice

For me it does half the job, Yes it will select the item if batch no and barcode number entered is same. but if I am creating a sales order, during that time the item is selected, but when the delivery note is created, it shows a different batch selected and not the one I had selected during sales order.