Link erpnext site to subdomain


I have a domain on hostinger, and a subdomain (
I also have a VPS on vultr, on which erpnext production system v12 is installed.
I can access my site from the ip, not the domain.

I can’t seem to link the ip to the subdomain. I tried this method. This didn’t work out.

Please help me out.


Maybe this is old but your erp is now accessible

Not sure why you asking this again. Your site is available online. Clear your browser cache and try again.

Sometimes it takes few hours for the subdomain to show up globally. Check on whatsmydomain by inserting the url. If any location shows IP address instead of url then wait for it to be recorded.

Thanks Chris and Muzzy. I didn’t clear the cache :sweat_smile: .

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You’ll want to set up Let’s Encrypt as well, so your passwords and company data do not get transmitted in clear-text.