Link Expiration for RFQ sent to vendors


Is it possible to have an expiration on links sent to suppliers/vendors

can you specify what you mean?

As far as I know a RFQ would be send out as a pdf via email. So where does the link you mention here comes into play in your scenario?

We approach it by having a Closing Date and Time on each RFQ before it’s sent out.
Then check to make sure, suppliers cannot submit quotes after the Closing Date and Time.
This Closing Date and Time can be extended on each RFQ, since the fields are editable after a RFQ is submitted.

As below, on

This method is used to make supplier quotation from supplier’s portal.

def create_supplier_quotation(doc):
if isinstance(doc, string_types):
doc = json.loads(doc)

	#Begin Custom Validations, check for multiple sqs, and closing date and time
	if not allow_multiple_supplier_quotations_from_portal(doc.get('supplier'),doc.get('name')):
		frappe.throw(_("Supplier Quotation for Request for Quotation {0} already submitted".format(doc.get('name'))))
	#Check for closing date and time
	closing_datetime = "%s %s" % (doc.get('closing_date'),doc.get('closing_time'))
	if (get_datetime() > get_datetime(closing_datetime)):
		frappe.throw(_("Submission Closing Date and Time {0} has already passed".format(closing_datetime)))
	#End Custom Validations

	sq_doc = frappe.get_doc({

i was referring to being able to stop suppliers from submitting quotes after a certain period

Thanks!! i will give this a try and revert ASAP


Ok. I can share the full customization if you wish. It includes committee, and committee opening of Quotations when the time comes to do so. Should probably do a pull request for it.

i will appreciate that.

Thank you

Hi. This will help immensely. Thank you for sharing.