Link field in form doesn't fetch related records

Hello dear community,

without further we do, I have to mention that I just bumped into ERPNext and Frappe.
So, I hope my issue doesn’t seem… odd.

As it is stated in the docs, the Healthcare module is currently in beta, though I do feel like I am doing something wrong. I am trying to establish a link from a patient to a healthcare practitioner. I followed the general approach written in the docs to get it done, hence I hope I didn’t miss anything out while reading it.

If I go now to create a new patient and navigate to the linked field, there are no records listed, as well the advanced search does not return any records. What I can do though is to type the full name of the desired healthcare practitioner into this field to link them, but this isn’t quite handy when the database grows I guess.

I already searched for similar issues here, but all of them I found seem not like to be related to this.

Maybe one of you have an idea where to look at.

I am using Frappe/ERPNext v12.

Have a great day!

Hi and welcome!

Seems like the Healthcare Practitioner record doesn’t have the “Active” link turned on.

And yes, Healthcare domain is still beta - if you face any issues or have any recommendations do consider raising an issue on GitHub.