Link Field not Displaying in User

I have created some doctypes
Company, Division, Department, Branch

All 3 company, division, department are showing in user creation list but the doctype link branch is not showing

tried to set the field to another section and then reload Ctrl+Shift+R and check it.

Not working with other section also

I think it’s a develop branch (not tested), it’s working on the stable branch v15.

Its stable version

Worked properly.

its branch from setup module which is in erpnext
I dont have erpnext installed
I have created new doctype branch and adding it

Hey, user doctype is only in frappe so it has nothing to do with ERPNext.

the branch link you are adding in the provided video is a doctype of setup module in erpnext which i dont have pre created in my system

I am creating a new doctype named branch and adding it in the user doctype

Take a look at this now. Only and only frappe is installed on the site. I told you earlier that it has nothing to do with ERPNext but you didn’t believe me. Take a look at this one I have given you proof.

i have also done the same
but its not showing in the user creation
nor on the existing user

Will the issue be in LMS? :thinking:

Create a new site and check it without installing the LMS

Its working when i am trying with a new site without lms

Issue Resolved
I have used another name for the branch field in user doctype then it resolved

User doctype already had an branch field but it was not visible in doctype editor
I have renamed the field i was adding as new to Company branch and now its showing when creating new user and even in existing user.

Thank you @NCP for your help and time