Link fields to be selectable only for certain users

Hello all,
Could anyone kindly help me (explain) to avoid certain users going in to another Doctype from a Link(ed) field (cause on a link the small arrow pointing to right takes us to that particular Doctype and the record. I wish to avoid this for certain users as it is only necessary for them to select the particular criteria not anything else.

Thanks is advance


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I don’t think link fields become unlinked based on permissions, but its a good point. If the user does not have permission, the link itself should be disabled.

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@rmehta it is not unlinking per say but rather it’ll just be a drop down list (like select). It is all to restrict a particular user to select whatever options and not go to the linked field.

A good instance is there when you create a new item and select “Item group” it only allows you to select. Can’t seem to find what made the go-to arrow ( → ) dissapear.

perfect Sir, this has been an issue for some managers, if this could be done, it will be a rock solid security addition. thanks