Link filed should show some fields data

Hello all,

In Sales order, It is showing all the fields data as a dropdown to a customer field

Screenshot from 2024-05-16 10-38-01

In Purchase Order,It is showing very few fileds data

Screenshot from 2024-05-16 10-44-30

I want to show all the link field data for purchase order supplier field same as customer filed. How can I do that ?

Hi @JayaLakshmiJilakara,

Please set the field in the Search Fields.

Please check the customer Search Fields.

Supplier Search Fields:

For suppliers, you have to add more fields in the Search Fields that you want. After then it’s show in the purchase transaction.

I mentioned same as customer doctype in supplier doctype and also updated it but still it is not showing for me in supplier linked field
Screenshot from 2024-05-16 11-01-31

if the supplier has a primary address then will appear, if not then it will not show.

Check it.


It’s working fine sir, Thank you for your assistance in resolving the issue.