Link for Party Type in Journal Entry Account is wrong

Hi Community,

I have noticed a small bug in my self hosted copy of ERPNext that I wanted to highlight and request for correction. I am not sure if this error occurs just on my end.

I believe that the Option for Link field ‘party_type’ should be ‘Party Type’. Would appreciate confirmation of this and guidance on how to get this corrected. I am unable to make an amendment using customize form.

I have attached screenshots below:

Thanks in advance for your help.



I think that it’s fine. A link to DocType means that the field is going to be used as Options of another link (a Dynamic Link).

Hi Nahuel,

Thanks for responding.

The isssue that I am having is that I am unable to see any Party Type options when I am making a Journal entry. I can manually type the Party Type and submit the journal.

Am I missing something?


Probably because you are picking an incorrect type of account? (?)

Hi Nahuel,

Thanks you had set off on the right track!

As we have not yet implemented the HR module, we are using Journal Vouchers to create an “Advance to Employees” and for which we have we have an “Asset” ledger/account. Being an “Asset” ledger/account we had not assigned “Payable” account type and hence “Employee” was not showing up as an option for “Party Type”.

I guess the disconnect in our minds was around assigning “Payable” account type to an “Asset” ledger/account. However, I assume this point is moot if we implement the HR modules loan applications and duly create loans.

Thanks for taking the time!


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