Link Job Openings to Job Applicant's 'Job Opening' Field, and Displaying Application Source

Hi There,

At all times, we have a number of different job openings, and it’s currently difficult to keep track of who’s applying for what on the Job Applicant doctype.

I have Job Applicants linked to a Careers email address, such that applicants for all Job Openings from a number of different job websites (such as Gumtree and Workable) are auto added to the system.
I also have the Job Openings linked to our company website, such that applicants applying directly through our website are also set up as new applicants in the system.

Is there a way of having a field in Job Applicants that auto displays the specific job opening that they’re applying for? This should be a straight forward task for applicants going through our website, but I’d also like for the ‘Job Opening’ field to auto fill for applicants applying through Gumtree and Workable, linked to our Careers email address.

I’d also like to create a field on the Job Applicant doctype that specifies where the applicant applied from: our website, Gumtree or Workable. Is there a way of automating this?

Thanks so much!


You should start by adding a Custom Field for tracking what the applicant is applying for and Applicant Source.

Now, for applicants applying through your website, you can create a new webform similar to the standard one but with the extra fields.

For applicants applying through other than your website you will have to use the REST api

@netchampfaris is there any examples ??