LInk one field to another Doc type to the field

Hi All.

In Material Request form i created custom field which is “For project” Type “Link” and link to Project DocType. which is working fine. but now how can i add that field into purchase order.

Now i need to fetch that field “For Project” from material request form to Purchase order.
that field will carry forwarded into PO.
any idea to anyone ??

Hi @dineshpanchal432,

If you are making purchase order from the material request then just
Add field “For Project”(with same fieldname as in material request) on the purchase order. Keep no copy disable for both fields, so system will fetch the data when you make purchase order from the material request.

where is that option no copy disable ??

Hi @dineshpanchal432

On custom field

I did same thing but in Purchase order Project field asking for project .
not copying same project name while making material request.