Link Preview PermissionError

When a user without the necessary permissions hovers over a link with Link Preview enabled, Frappe throws a nasty permissions error in their face:

We have users with various privileges. Ideally, the preview would show whatever information they are authorized to access, but even if the request fails they shouldn’t receive a popup they have to dismiss.

This is particularly problematic, because the popup can lead to a loop situation where a field’s value can’t be changed:


Can this situation in the gif above be avoided somehow?

Hi @ebsjbulcher,

Set user permission on the doctype form.


  1. Go to Doctype->eg.‘Dividers Store’ doctype
  2. In the ‘Permission Rules’ Datagrid, create/set a role your according.

Select the role as ‘Administrator’ or ‘Sales User’ and give the required permission eg. Read, Write, Create, etc.

Hope you understand.

More details for check documentation.

Thank You!

Sorry, I don’t think I was clear enough. I am versed in permissions and roles, and have both configured. The problem occurs because I have them configured. If there is a specific permission that can grant select permissions without triggering an error on hover, I would appreciate it if you could tell me what it is, because I can’t seem to figure it out.

Here is a more detailed scenario to help you understand what I’m dealing with. I have two sets of users, call them A and B.

Users in group A are my corporate users, the people that need the most open access to the system.

Users in group B are untrusted users, and their access must be restricted.

My users in group A are already configured to have full access to the Doctype in question, and can view the Link Preview popover when they hover over my “Dividers Store” Doctype.

My users from group B, should be able to select the store in the Link field, but should NOT be able to view the full Link Preview. That can either mean disabling the Link Preview entirely, or displaying only the fields they have been granted permissions on. However, instead, they receive an error, as if they had done something wrong. This is the problem - there should not see an error for performing an action like hovering over a Link Field on a form.

How can I prevent the error popover from happening to group B?