Link prices from different price lists

Hey all,

I’d like to make the calculation of pricing a bit more dynamic. We are using several price lists and have quite a variety in products and customer’s, therefore setting up pricing rules is a bit tideous for all articles.

For the beginning, I’m trying to setup a DocType and link all prices available for an article in the formular.

E.g. I need a field to select an article, and then based on chosen article it shows the 4 values from all 4 existing price lists. While my link field for the article works, I’m struggling to link to the price lists. Can someone give some guidance? Do I need to work with a link field? If so, what DocType do I link it to and how can I tell it to present value from List1, List2, etc… Would be grateful for any guidance, especially some screenshot and what to insert in the custom field setup would be helpful.

Let me know if something is unclear.