Link search field not working?

Hi there,

i’m having problem with link search fields, it seems not working

I’ve defined search field for a custom doctype: category_name, category_code:

i’d expect that writing 043 or ortofrutta, it would show C-001 only …but it end showing nothing:

Any hint?

Do you have a custom query? You need to select your search field there too.

@rmehta you mean filters to limit options?

I noticed that with the latest few updates on the develop branch, the link fields will not show anything besides create unless the field is empty


Not experienced the same myself.

I posted an issue on the frappe github. It seems to only not respond when starting with a capital letter

Even I am able to replicate this issue.

One more thing which may be related, search is not working as expected even if we override link query.


Here’s the issue I posted about it

Link not showing results when searching with a Capital Letter seems to be solved today. However when running with a query override method, no results are shown.

Tested with a SQL Query, which is returning expected results but Link field not being populated. While the expected results are being shown in the “Advanced Search” Dialog box.

Edit: Situation can be replicated in on Leave Allocation form

Could you post this more specific issue on GitHub?


Posted Here: Link Field Not Showing Expected Results if it has Query Override · Issue #2788 · frappe/frappe · GitHub

I experienced a similar issue and found a solution.