Link Sibling to existing students

If I want to add a sibling to a student I can enter the Full name and the program. But it looks like that this is not linked to existing students and programs.

In our school the sibling details are only important, if they have siblings in our school, too. So if I want to add a sibling I like to select it from the students list. Same counts for programs and guardians (Why is the guardian list hidden in the school module?)

Any ideas how to do that?


Ok, I’ve added another field, so I can select a student and the Fullname auto completes itself. But I can’t get the date of birth update itselfs from the student record.

Any hints?

Write a simple pice of custom script to fetch date_of_birth from Student master.

For reference check

Thanks for the hint. I’ve added a custom script like this:

Doc-Type: Student Sibling


It still does not update the value. What else is necessary to get the value in the right field? Is there anything I have to enter in the related field in Student Sibling?

Hi @zefanja,
Recently we have merged these changes. so you can now link the student sibling via student ID and all details will be copied automatically.

Hi @ManasSolanki, that’s great! :thumbsup: That’s what I love about ERPNext. Is this feature already released? I’m using ERPNext 7.2.29.

Hi @zefanja, this will be released in version 8

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Thanks @ManasSolanki!