Link the job opening to website


I created new job openings in erpnext and I wish to link them to our career page on the company website.
I also like to redirect to erpnext application form when someone applies for a job, how can I do that?.is there a way to do that?

hello jinsy
I am assuming that you using the embeded website function.
If yes , then under website settings you can map the routes in the navbar accordingly.
Also in the job opening doctype you have specified publish to website = enabled and route will be job_application


Thank you for your response.
I tried this, and I can list the job openings on the ERP website. I want to link it to our career page on the company website, not erpnext website.

okay , so the company website under careers tab , under job openings , you will need to specify the url which then redirects to the job openings\applications on the erpnext site…