Link to another database

Hi all.

i’m new erpnext developer. i develop erpnext in my business for sales module and but my business has old system in MS Access. When create sales order in erpnext I need to insert sales order total into old system.

I create custom script for create custom button title “Transfer”. but i don’t know how to insert data to old system (MS Access) when click custom button .

help me please.

I don’t have a good suggestion for updating (“pushing”) data directly from ERPNext to MSAccess. But I can think of 2 possible solutions to exchange data between the two, each of which would require a bit of work:

  1. Instead of pushing data to Access, you can try pulling data into Access, since Access has some nice tools to connect and import external data. You would need your ERPNext database (MariaDB) to be accessible by your Access application, which would probably require configuring the ERPNext machine’s firewall, tweaking MariaDB’s configuration file to enable external access, and adding a MariaDB ODBC driver. If you’re using the ERPNext hosted solution instead of self-hosted, that might be problematic.

  2. Use an integration tool like Zapier or to connect the two databases. I’m not sure if the tools support both ERPNext (MariaDB) and MS Access, plus I’m sure they charge a fee. Someone might have already done some work on one of these, to give you a head start.

Good luck.

Thank you for your suggestion. I’m try this solution.