Link to Child Table Document in Dashboard (v13)

Suppose I have a DocType like Quotation that contains a child table, containing links to Item. In the Dashboard of a single Item I would like to see a link to all Quotations containing this Item.

This used to work well with the code-defined dashboards in v12. In v13 we can conveniently edit “Linked Documents” in the Item DocType.

However, links in child tables don’t seem to work anymore. Instead I get an error like “Could not find field item_code in Quotation DocType”.

Am I missing something?

Note: Quotation and Item are just examples. Actually I want to do this with my own, custom DocTypes.


Based on what I know from [doctype] from v12, your expectations for the way Links works is wrong. To me it looks like it is expecting a standard field called item_code in the Quotation doctype, which matches up with the error Frappe is giving you.

Put another way, in order to find the data in the field of a sub-table, you would need three inputs:

  • the Doctype
  • the field name for the child table in your Doctype
  • the name of the field in the child table Doctype that you want to retrieve

Two inputs will only work for a Link field type.

Thanks for your reply. It seems that, in v12 dashboards, the frappe framework was smart enough to also check for links in the child tables, without me having to specify it. This feature is what I’m missing in v13 (or the option to provide the three inputs you mentioned).

in v13, you can still create and make code-defined dashboards, without using the linked documents option.

True, I just noticed that they don’t provide the same functionality. I didn’t check if the feature i’m missing would still be working with code-defined dashboards.


Im facing the same issue with a custom app.

Have you find a way to make this work with “Linked Documents” or using alternative solution?

I am facing the same issue. Is there a solution to connect to child table fields?

I created an issue for this, feel free to join: Doctype: Linked Documents do not work with child table · Issue #17899 · frappe/frappe · GitHub