Link to HD portal

I’ve created a notification for the HelpDesk module, but I need some help.

The notification e-mail should contain a link to the ticket in the HD portal, but I can only direct it to the HD Ticket, which is inside the desk. See my code below:

> New comment
> <a href="{{ frappe.utils.get_url_to_form('HD Ticket', doc.reference_name) }}">{{'Ticket'}} </a>

How do I can route link from Tyckets in HD portal?


In the past I’ve created custom hyperlinks by reverse engineering the URL I’d like to link. Here’s an example:

    result_data = []
    for row in data:
        # Create hyperlink for the measure field
        row["patientid"] = f'<a href="/app/query-report/Member Detail?patientid={row["patientid"]}">{row["patientid"]}</a>'

    return result_data

Once you examine the web page URL, find the unique identifier. You should then be able to construct the URL programmatically via the ‘format string’.

I solved it as follows:

<a href="{{ doc.reference_name }}">Ticket</a>

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