Link Vehicle Info from customer in sales order

I have a mechanic shop and I want to display vehicle info from customer on the sales order and invoice.

I create a custom doctype named Vehicle Info and I added in in the Customer form

Now I want to link this to the sales order. So I added a Link to Vehicle Info but it now display all the vehicle.

How can I get only the vehicle from this customer to be displayed.
It’s the same thing as the address and contact info.
I guess there is so come executed to filter all this??? Thanks


Finally found that in sales_order.js

There is a
frm.set_query(‘company_address’, function(doc) {
if(! {
frappe.throw(__(‘Please set Company’));

		return {
			query: 'frappe.contacts.doctype.address.address.address_query',
			filters: {
				link_doctype: 'Company',