Link Wildcard SSL certificate to ERPNext

Hi Guys,

I have wildcard SSL certificate purchased from Godaddy and I want to configure SSL certificate with ERPNext using Sub Domain method.

I tried to configure SSL certificate using ERPNext Server IP address from godaddy. but It didn’t work for me.
When I try to access my website using HTTP It’s open the website, but doesn’t open website when I try to access the website using HTTPS.

I have also idea about generating name.crt file from server and then request the SSL certificate using name.crt file and then configure the certificate with nginx. but I can’t do this because I already purchased the wildcard SSL certificate, I just want to configure the ERPNext system with one of my sub domain

Please suggest me what should I do to configure SSL certificate with ERPNext.


Looking up how to setup wildcard certificates on nginx. This has nothing to do with erpnext

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Resolved! Using bench commands,

I just replace the key, crt with my original files and its working now and restart the nginx it’s working now.


can you please help me out here?
I am in a same pinch