Link with others system

i want to link my contact system with erpnext system.

  1. Want to make one desktop icon called ‘Contact’, and i just want to make hyperlink in that Contact icon. When user click on that particular icon, it go to contact system.

please help to to create Contact Icon and link

Hi @kinzang

Click and drag the site’s icon in the address bar. You’ll see an outline of the object appear as you drag.

I think he meant ERPNext Desk icon.

@vinhnguyent090, thanks for your command, but i mean ERPNext desk icon.

check this link of how to add new Desktop Icon:
change the type to Link and insert your link in Link field

You can start from this step

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@OmarJaber, thanks for your command. it help for me to created desktop icon(Phone Directory), but it show only administrator, i want to give view permission to all user/role.

in show/hide, its showing but in desktop its not showing.

but in desktop its not showing

follow up this topic