Linked BOM operation costs don't update when BOM cost updated

Hi all, I’m posting this as a bug, but I’m not sure if it is a bug, or just behavior I don’t understand.
When an operation is saved to a submitted BOM, the Operation Time and Operating Costs are not updated when the operation is updated and the update costs button is pushed on the BOM.

The operating cost under the costing section is updated accordingly. So the BOM page looks inconsistent. Also the values in the BOM operation table is updated momentarily until the page is refreshed and new data is fetched from the ‘tabBOM Operation’ table.

It seems that this process should result in updating the ‘tabBOM Operation’ table. If a user needs to change the cost of a particular operation in a routing due to changes in wages etc… and the operation is used on hundreds or thousands of BOMs it would be helpful if updating the root operation and choosing to update costs on BOMs would update all the operations in the ‘tabBOM Operation’ table with the same operation name.

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I also require that feature urgently.

See my request here: Update Operation Cost in BOM

Just bumping this thread. Still an important issue to me. Haven’t seen any talk in a while.

I’ve submitted a bug report regarding this issue: Operation costs on existing BOMs cannot be updated using the BOM update tool · Issue #25585 · frappe/erpnext · GitHub

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This has been fixed in the latest development version. Thank you.