Linked Doctype and Link Fieldname: How to link if same name is possible in link fieldname of different doctypes? For example in ToDos


When creating a doctype, in the section “Linked Doctypes” it is possible to define a link doctype and the respective link fieldname.

How may I unambigously include a linked doctype, if the value of the link fieldname may occur in different doctypes.

For example:

I want to link ToDos to “doctype1” and “doctype2” to show a ToDos group in the dashboards of doctype1 and doctype2.
In the section “Linked Doctypes” of doctype1 and doctype2 I define:

Link Doctype: “ToDo”
Link Field: “reference_name”
Group: “ToDos”

Now, If I have a doctype1 of name “nameXX”, and a doctype2 of name “nameXX”, the respective ToDo, that is only linked to doctype1 is shown in the ToDos Group of doctype2 “nameXX”.

In the specific ToDo-Document the the Reference Type is correctly set to doctype1. However, the “Linked Documents” section only allows defining a link fieldname and no combination of the reference type and the link fieldname, as it is used in ToDos.

Is there a solution to this?

Best regards,