Linked document working but "link" not displayed

Good day all

ERPNext: v13.48.1 (version-13)

I have created a link from Production plan to event in the Document Links section ( customize form)
of production plan. Yes, the “event link” appears at the top of “Production Plan” and when
I click on “+” it takes me to “Event” where I can create a new event which appears in my calender.

All very cool, but when I go back to my Production plan, there is not a “1” next to event that takes
me directly to the created event.

Am I missing something somewhere.

My entry into the Production Plan customization is;

Linked doctype = Event
Link fieldname = name
Group = Events


For anyone else getting stuck with this…
The trick seems to be that yo must link to a field in the other Doc where the “parent-doc-nr” is.

So in this case I created a custom field called “source” in doctype = Event

Then in Production Plan I created a link …
Linked doctype = Event
Link Fieldname = source
Group = Events

Then you copy the PP-doc-name and when the new event is created, yo copy that into the
newly created custom field ( source)

Now the next trick…
Now to auto-populate the “source” field in “Event”… when I click the “+” next to the “Event” link…

Anyone perhaps have a hint for this ???

Update …

For anyone that wants to do the same thing, here is the last piece of the puzzle…

To create a link on “Production Plan” ( top of doc ) where I can create a Calendar event
in such a way that , after creating the event link when I click on event it only shows
the event for that Production Plan. Also, it shows as a "Production Plan " in the calendar.

Goto Customize Event and add custom field : production _plan_source ; Link ; Production Plan

Goto Customize Production Plan and add a “Link” (complete bottom of page)
Linked doctype = Event
Link Fieldname = production_plan_source
Group = Events

Now, when you create an event from within a Production Plan (“+”) next to event,
, it will auto populate the custom_field in the Event-doc. So when you click on “event”
in Production PLan, it will show a list of all events but filter only your production plan.