Linking a custom field to another document using "Form Customization"

I want to put the address of the company in the Sales order. So I’ve created a Custom field under Company Doc

Row #47 - called it CompanyAddress

Then I went into the Form and entered the Address of the company.

After that I went to Sales Invoice, created a link to the Custom field I entered in Company,

Row #2 - Called it the same and Type was set to Link. and updated.

And I got these under Custom fields.

Then I went on to creating a new Sales Invoice.

Instead of the address I got my company name where the address should be.

Please let me know where I might have gone wrong.


In Sales Order row 2 You have linked a companyaddress field to Company doctype. To link the document to Address please add the Address in the Options instead of Company.



thanks, but my intention is to show my company address in the Sales Invoice DocType. So I created a Custom field (CompanyAddress) in the Company DocType and want to get (Link) that to the Sales Invoice, may be my whole approach in incorrect, but I’m hoping that I can accomplish this without using fetch() command in a custom script