Linking added rows on another modules

Hello Good Day can someone assist me on proper linking the added row on Doctype it seems i can link it using the doctype name Item. All i want to do is to create a add row inside my doctype Item name packing and show it on another Doctype which is Quotation item with a read only output coming from the added row in Item with the name packing. Thanks in advance

Make a doctype which is child table and add the fields you want to use.

Add this childtable doctype in Item form.

add this item childtable in the quotation.

All this can be done using the GUI Form Customization tool.

Alright il try it and give you a feedback thanks in advance

It seems same output is happening to me the whole link of Doctype Item is showing on my added row. Can u please be more specific on this? Anyways thank you