Linking Contact module to Lead module using function "render_address_and_contact" is giving some error

render_address_and_contact function is already present in LEAD module.
It is used for linking it with address module.
I need linking to contact module also so i added new field of contact_html.
But while saving the lead it is giving error as ‘ReferenceError: contact_list is not defined’
Can anyone help me to solve this.


Can you share full error traceback/browser’s console log, Also please share your code.


hi @makarand_b,
the error is coming in front end
Have attached the screen shot
have added render function in js file and added address_html & contact_html fields

can you also share your code ?

I havent added any code in js file. Render function is already there.
I just added contact_html field.

It would be helpful to know where you added it. :slight_smile:

its just a new custom field @pratu16x7


fixed the issue via minor fixes for address and contact list rendering by mbauskar · Pull Request #2759 · frappe/frappe · GitHub


Thanks @makarand_b. its working now,