Linking custom Doctype within a Custom Doctype

Continuing the discussion from Adding custom doctype to a table in a form does not display the details:

I tried something a little more complex. I created a custom doctype and called other custom doctypes from within this document.

Problem is in the main Form house which is under Setup, I do not seen anything but the initial house ID. I added some custom form elements and they are seen, but the original fields of the document are not seen.

It could be a couple things. You are seeing the house terms as well, and an Add new Row option for at least one of your tables. I would suggest a couple things:

  1. In each of the fields, make sure that they are set up correctly, not hidden, etc. Try changing the In list view option for tables.
  2. Add some labels to see exactly which ones are missing.
  3. Make sure any custom scripts you have are valid and don’t have errors. Look at the Developer Console of your browser to see if there are any javascript errors that might prevent part of the page from loading.

Thanks Ben.

I have the Tags but they are not displaying. Here is an example. The add Row button which is possibly of this Doctype does not work. I did not use any custom scrip. Just used the web interface to configure.

and here is the DocType. Could the Document type be an issue?

So in your tables, you need to make sure that the Items you want to show up are In List View selected, or the tables will all show up empty.

I’d suggest you set up the headers using section and column breaks.

Yes I checked List View in all the childs except House Owner and Bed where it does not allow me to check teh box. But none of the fields are showing up.

I was trying to Setup another Payment Form under accounts module. Document type is Setup. The Form is not showing up altogether. I think I am messing up somewhere in creation of custom Doctype.

I used section breaks in form customization. Since I was trying out things. I plan to get it here once this starts working.