Linking Customer to a Serial Number

Hi All,

We have a repairs division in our factory. When we receive a product (Item) to repair, we track it through a number of warehouses (eg. “repair received”, “repair assessed”, “repair WIP”, etc.). We track it using the item code and unique serial number. We would like to link the customer name to the specific item and serial number while tracking it through the warehouses. We input the customer name in the Serial Number Doctype, thinking this would link the customer to that serial number. Unfortunately when the item is Material Transferred to the next warehouse, the customer field it cleared.

Is there any way for the customer field not to be cleared when the item is material transferred to a different warehouse? (Or any way to link a customer to a specific serial number?)


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maybe some screenshot to show what you have done: customizing and operation, and what is the current issue or expected result, then other community member can understand better and try to help you as needed.

Hi All,

Figured a easy fix.
I just Customized the Form. Created a link field to the Customer. This field is not cleared every time there is a new Material Transfer Stock Entry.